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Shake'n'Bake Log 3/16 

Last week we successfully completed tracking on our debut EP at Assorted Studios. We'll be hard at work for a little bit polishing the turd before we make it available, so hang tight. Also, we'll be busking a lot trying to raise the necessary funds. Chris has expressed that he would be interested in stripping for bachelorette parties for extra income as well. So that's an option. Ladies...

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Shake'n'Bake log, 1/3/2016 

Sup nerds. Welcome to 2016. A new year full of shows, surprises, and hazy nights we'll probably have to apologize for. We've been hard at work on our first EP at Assorted Studios and we're really looking forward to sharing it with you. We're also happy to announce we'll be headlining at Sign Of The Wagon on January 22nd with Pocket Vinyl from Ct. We'll probably be famous rockstars by February, so if you want to see us for cheap you should do it now.

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Previous events


The Shake Up

The Shake Up with Pocket Vinyl (CT), 154 E Philadelphia St, York PA

Pocket Vinyl art and music duo returns to SIGNoftheWAGON on Friday January 22nd opening for local rockers The Shake Up!

THE SHAKE UP is homegrown punk rock and roll born and raised in York PA.

POCKET VINYL is a unique live show consists of an energetic one-man-piano-slam-rock-band coupled with an live painter who creates a work of art on stage which is auctioned off at the end of the show to the highest bidder.

To hear some music/see some art, check out their website: www.pocketvinyl.com or http://pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/death-anxiety

Doors at 7:00 PM / Show at 8:00 PM BYOB 21+

Get your tickets in advance, minimum donation of $10.00 please - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=N8NPJQ55LZ7HA

Eric plays the piano while Elizabeth paints on stage. The paintings are then sold at every concert to the highest bidder. They're married. They're from New London, CT. They've released 3 albums so far, with their 4th record "Tin" coming in September 2015. They invented the world's first "MP" (short for "mini play"). They're full time musicians working on a DIY level. They sleep in their car sometimes and love it. Eric likes board games. Elizabeth loves animals. They're trying very hard to be your favorite band.